Fascinated With Cosplay, Now I Started My Own Website

I love cosplay as I love playing video games and watching anime at the same time. And with this it push me to admire those people who are trying to put the fiction world to the reality and that is what costume play or cosplay all about. This is about you or real people acting like a video games character, anime or cartoon characters or even with movie characters and this is happened on how the look like signature weapons, clothes, hairstyle and expressions.

It is like doing what your idol or favorite characters doing and since there is nothing like them in reality your are doing your part to portrait them and give them life. Though in the beginning you will laugh on them especially thinking that like they are out of this world but nothing can stop them from projecting what they want to express and that is what they are doing. So instead of seeing them like in an ordinary day you will find them, in their convention events, parties and contest.

But now a days since we are living the generation of what is trending is to be praised many people already acknowledge them as form of art and even you are not totally fan of anime or  video games you will still love their cute, sexy, hot cosplay especially when it comes to girls. Since most anime character’s based on perfect fantasy of it’s author so it is, the cosplayer need to project perfect harmony from what she/he is portraying, she/he needs to wear how the anime wear and that is the reason why most of them need to do sexy stuff while cosplaying. But like what I’ve said this is art and nothing more offensive things you can experience in projecting what is your art and that is how the society accept hot girls cosplay today.


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