Plants vs Zombies Adventures Cosplay

The meaning of hot Cosplay is not always falls on girls but also in some great stuff that we can’t see normally. And this made me to post this awesome cosplay of Plants vs Zombies by Popcap team. Since everyday they are facing zombies maybe this is the reason why they thought of making it real in the form of cosplaying. Also we can say that this is only a promotion for the release of Pvz Adventures on social network. Either of the two what I can say seeing them with our favorite characters in Plants vs Zombies is so cool.

The zombies is so look real why the sunflower is hotter than sun and even hotter than Kipi. Facial expression? so perfect that is what I’m trying to say in my blogs, if you have in your head to cosplay you should always put on your mind how the real characters you are portraying move. If we can see the sunflower is always smiling on PvZ and even it is attacking by zombies still it can’t help but to smile. (I remember the saying from Gladiator, “When death comes smile is that only way you can do”) maybe the sunflower is a big fan of Maximus. Anyway the cosplayer in the picture above is really perfect and I will give her 9/10.

Now let’s go to zombie. I believe he is black guy. Look at his hand. it is black and when it comes to black colors, I really fan of black people they are talented especially in music, know Hendrix, Houston, and even in sports we have lots in sort, Jordan, Bryant and lot more, but this is not typical in Facebook most of the time only white people make it hot, especially on girls but then in the picture below, we see that even black people can do it cool.

plants vs Zombies Adventures Cosplay

I’m a fan of cosplaying but this time it boost my gaming blood into something, if you notice it is me in the midst of waiting for the release of Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time. Although I have my date but still we to make it for a month of waiting but then instead of counting seconds to turn into minutes, hours to days, days to weeks and finally to months I would rather do something hot and that is cosplay.


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