pepper panic saga

What Makes Pepper Panic Saga Differs from Other King’s Game (Back Up)

Most players don’t want to play Pepper Panic Saga as they are expecting that this new game from King is also the same with old games that they already published before. Actually to tell you frankly, that is right with the same concept out of match-3 puzzle based game. But we want to add why you should play this and why still players wish accept the challenge on this newest addition in Facebook games.

Yes you will play the same concept under different graphics, content, elements, task, and definitely challenge. Instead of seeing tiles, candy, bubbles and other kinds of graphics, this time you will play with “pepper” as the main theme of the game. What makes this game so different from other application is that you can activate Pepper Panic mode that will give you more bonus points and game boost.


Yes you already played the same conceptualized game before under not only King’s games but almost most games on iOS, Android and Facebook developed by different companies and still players wish to challenge themselves with Pepper Panic Saga. These are gamers who already finished the said old games/apps and they are asking for more levels. Developers eventually add new levels and stages to continue the storyline and challenge of the game but in the back of their mind, they are thinking that instead of adding new levels why not add new games and give them something new so they will not feel tired of playing it plus they can earn more profit from it since players will encourage to buy a new sets of in-app item boost. That is what really happening why King continues to develop new games with the same match-3 puzzle based.

With this marketing strategy or anything that people might call it, we found no problem on this at all. Since the game is for free and they are not requiring you for any string attachment such as survey. The fact is, you can enjoy their game even without paying for it and it is up to you if you will spend money cash for boost. While players are so smart nowdays instead of buying item boost, they will only download Pepper Panic Saga cheats that will also give them advantage the same with the item that their money can buy.

In the end, this game is really fun to play especially if you already were being in loved with puzzle based game and you already made it to the end. Now it is time to step forward for something new and this is by dealing with “pepper.”


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