About This Blog

HotGirlsCosplay.Wordpress.com is a side dish blog from the official website HotGirlsCosplay.Com use to extend the avenue of sharing Cosplay collection in different perspective such as gaming, anime, scene or event, we want to use this as we believe that wordpress is one of the best blogging platform we can find online. Also the good thing here is that you can use WP for free forever, so even we failed to comply paying for our official site (for example) still this blog will never be taken away and always ready for you if you need some hot girls pictures in cosplay this will be a one click link for our collections.

Since this works as extension, you can also read some of our updates as well as giving you some images to make this site works as the official website. Of course you are here to see more of hot girls in cosplay so instead of giving you letters and sentence with blog we will collaborate it with high definition images of anything you need.

Also since we called it as outbranch or extension still our official site is still the best for your needs, since that is our mother site and this is a child blog, but the function of this blog can’t never be outrank by our hosting because this is wordpress and nothing we can’t compare into it in terms of blogging, although when it comes to images, we still love blogspot, but actually the catch is, why you need to pick if you can avail this two and forge it for the official site since is is both free and easy to come up.

Just to say and to clarify once and for all, all images here are not belong to us, we are only collecting it and never claiming the copyright, the ownership or anything that may offend the real owner of every pictures you can see here. You can contact us if you want to discus further attribution regarding with our image. Anyway you are very welcome on this blog as we love accepting viewers as this all for you.


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